Systems Engineering

Chair:John Lucero
NASA, Glenn Research Center


The Systems Engineering Focus Group (SEFG) shall provide a forum to foster the development and application of a systems approach to complex technical problems. The SEFG Goals and Objectives shall be consistent with the MFPT Structure and Mission. Due to the interdisciplinary technical structure of MFPT, technical processes representing System Design, Technical Management and Product Realization are instrumental in the development and integration of new technologies into mainstream applications. The SEFG will encourage the application of these Systems Engineering tools to problems posed by the MFPT community.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Provide Systems Engineering (SE) consulting to Members
  • Increase awareness of SE benefits by providing education to Members
  • Define a framework to apply SE to MFPT
  • Define SE standards that will assist technology readiness to facilitate the transition of technology into mainstream use
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration between Members


  • Regular teleconferencing calls for interested parties
  • Regular contributions to the MFPT Newsletter
  • Provide Systems Engineering sessions, papers/presentations, tutorials and guidance at MFPT Annual Meetings


To join or participate in the Data Management Focus Group, contact John Lucero and you will be added to the email distribution list.