Sensors Technology

Chair:Ed Spence
Machine Instrumentation Group


About the Focus Group:

  • Sensors Technology Focus Group has over 30 members from a variety of military and government agencies, academic institutions, commercial and manufacturing industries and sensor device and equipment suppliers.
  • Committee publishes regular column in the MFPT quarterly newsletter.
  • Meets each year over lunch at the annual MFPT meeting.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Solicit papers and tutorials of interest for the Sensors Technology Track at the MFPT annual meeting.
  • Support the development of sensor technology and standards for the detection and measurement of failure modes and for monitoring machinery and structural health to reduce the incidence of failures and to assist in maintenance decision making.
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate technical information on all sensor technologies.
  • Address the need for sensor solutions, encourage R&D of sensor technology for critical needs; stimulate transfer of federally developed sensor technology to private sector.

Current Programs:

  • Provide a forum for discussing new technologies and member projects. Post useful links, presentations, requests for information.
  • Identify new development areas that should be pursued e.g. higher temperature devices (> 1200 deg F), wireless sensor networking, intelligence at the device and improved durability and lower failure rates.
  • Participate in / influencing development of sensor standards across Professional Societies and Standards Organizations.


To join or participate in the Data Management Focus Group, contact Ed Spence and you will be added to the email distribution list.