Motion Magnification and Other Approaches to Machinery Diagnosis

Presented by:

William D. Marscher, P.E. and Chad R. Pasho
Mechanical Solutions, Inc, •  Whippany NJ USA


November 11, 9am Chicago Time:

The webinar will offer a series of advanced technologies presently available for improving plant machinery reliable performance. This includes motion magnification that allows the user to visualize vibration down to millionths of an inch. The magnified high speed video recordings, played back in slow motion, emphasize machinery and system vibration so that even acoustic pulsations in piping can be observed. Comparison will be made between this new technology versus traditional technologies such as strobe light visual inspection, laser-doppler vibrometry, and accelerometer-based operating deflection shapes (ODS). It will be shown how FEA, CFD, and rotor dynamics analysis can be coupled with this test information. In this manner, limited test information can be understood and extrapolated to regions internal to the machine, to predict behavior for components unreachable by testing. Examples will make clear the usefulness of focusing not just on the machine, but also on its foundation and the full system it functions within. A number of case histories, some including very interesting motion magnified videos, will be presented to demonstrate the best procedures to use in practical situations in machinery installations in various industries.

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