MFPT Focus Group Areas (

The Societyís mission (of providing an interchange of technical information for the benefit of owners and operators of mechanical machinery) is facilitated within our focus groups.† The focus groups include:

  • Data Management and AI
  • Diagnostics and Prognostics
  • Failure Analysis
  • Human Systems Monitoring
  • Sensors
  • Signal Analysis
  • Systems Engineering

Thru discussions in our focus groups, participants gain knowledge that helps drive towards failure prevention within the participantís organization.† Our discussion forum consolidation makes it easy to post a question, comment, article, etc., for all the MFPT community to see.

Data Management and AI

The Data Management and AI Focus Group (DM&AIFG) supports the discussion of data management tools, capabilities and standards that facilitate the detection and measurement of failure modes; that facilitate monitoring machinery and structural health; and that facilitate maintenance decision making.† Participate in discussion of best practices and options for collection, analysis and dissemination of technical information for all sensed parameters.

Diagnostics and Prognostics

The Diagnostics and Prognostics Focus Group (D&PFG) provides a forum to foster professional collaboration in the practice and technology of Prognostics and Health Management (PHM). The D&PFG provides and entry point for members new to the field of PHM and a forum for experienced professionals to collaborate on the most pressing problems. D&PFG encourages the use of standards and the application of PHM techniques across multiple domains.

The MFPT D&PFG is a group of professionals working to advance the field of PHM by collaborating on technical issues and sharing relevant industry information. Sample discussion areas include:† Mechanical and electronic PHM, Prognostic methods and technology, PHM Standards, PHM case studies.

Failure Analysis

The Failure Analysis Focus Group (FAFG) fosters the development, utilization, and enhancement of failure analysis techniques and methodologies. Lessons learned are conveyed to the MFPT Community, to prevent recurrence of failures, saving precious resources. The FAFG engages with other MFPT Focus Groups to show why failure analysis is an integral part of the product life cycle.

Human Systems Monitoring

The mission of the Human Systems Monitoring Focus Group (HSMFG) is to create an international forum where academia, industry and government agencies can discuss the state of the art in the area of human monitoring systems technologies. Topics of interest include but are not limited to wearable sensor technologies, data acquisition and management architectures, data analytics and assessment methodologies and health, fitness and human performance monitoring techniques for industrial and military applications.

The MFPT HSMFG is a group of professionals working to advance the field of human systems monitoring by collaborating on technical issues and sharing relevant methodologies and approaches from academia, industry, and government to advance the state of the art.

Signal Analysis

The Signal Analysis Focus Group (SAFG) facilitates the discussion of data acquisition, signal analysis, diagnostics, artificial intelligence, logicians, etc.† A core focus is signal processing (of all sensor type data) to accurately and reliably assess the condition of components, subsystems, systems in enough time to maximize reliability and minimize costs.

Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering Focus Group (SEFG) provides a forum to foster the development and application of a systems approach to complex technical problems. Due to the interdisciplinary technical structure of MFPT, technical processes representing System Design, Technical Management and Product Realization are instrumental in the development and integration of new technologies into mainstream applications. The SEFG will encourage the application of these Systems Engineering tools to problems posed by the MFPT community.

Specifically, the SEFG provides:

  • Systems Engineering (SE) consulting to Members
  • Increased awareness of SE benefits by providing education to Members
  • Identifies SE standards that will assist technology readiness to facilitate the transition of technology into mainstream use
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration between Members


The Sensors Focus Group (SFG) facilitates the discussion of sensors for Machinery Failure Prevention. †Discussions include new sensor technologies and the means to connect them, data driven approaches to data analysis, and developments under the IoT umbrella.