MFPT Advisory Group to Support the Development of the NAVSEA Specification For Fuel Oil and Lube Oil Analysis Sensors for US Naval Shipboard Systems

NAVSEA has formed a Specification Development Team to address online fuel and lube oil monitoring on US Navy Ships. MFPT as an independent technical organization will provide review and advice during the development of this document. The MFPT Board of Directors has approved this plan for support of this effort and an Advisory Group has been formed. This Advisory Group will not be funded and will consist of SMEs for the technologies associated with the subject sensors and systems. In order to assure technical objectivity, members of the Advisory may not have a commercial interest in the subject sensors. In addition, to functionally represent MFPT, the members of this Advisory Group will be Board Members of the MFPT.

The MFPT Advisory Group will consist of:

Advisory Group Lead Paul L Howard — SME for In-Line Debris Sensor Technology.

Advisory Group Members:

  • Kyle Beckett Military Sealift Command — SME Fuel and Lube Analysis Equipment
  • Preston Johnson Allied Reliability — SME Intelligent Monitoring Technology
  • John Reintjes KeyW – NRL Contractor — SME Fuel and Lube Oil Analysis Sensors
  • John Tucker — Naval Research Laboratory — SME Fuel and Lube Oil Analysis S & T

The Advisory Group may select SME resources outside the MFPT in areas where needed to augment the effort on a temporary basis. All effort of any requested outside resources will be on a voluntary uncompensated basis just like the Advisory Group.

The Advisory Group will perform the following basic support functions as part of this tasking:

  • Assist as requested in recommending the classes of analytical equipment to be included.
  • Assist as requested in recommending the classes of diagnostic technologies to be included.
  • Assist as requested in recommending the Measures of Performance that will be included.
  • Assist as requested in reviewing drafts.
  • Organize and conduct industry comment sessions on the final draft.
  • Draft a final Advisory Group Report and Sponsor Briefing.

The Advisory Group effort is planned to start with a joint tasking telecon and continue through review and comment on the final draft of the specification.