Annual Conference

Co-located @VIATC2021,

Arlington, TX,

July 13-16, 2021

MFPT at VIATC2021 Call for Papers & Presentations

The Society for Machinery Failure and Prevention Technology (MFPT) is proud to announce its call for papers and presentations for our 2021 annual conference, co-located with the Vibration Institutes annual meeting in Arlington, TX, july 13-16, 2021. As a division of the Vibration Institute, MFPT works to educate conference attendees in techniques that play a role in the holistic approach to machinery failure prevention.

Papers must be free of commercialism. References to commercial products, trade names, and manufacturing companies must be avoided. Be mindful of who your audience is: the end user.

Previously published works will not be accepted.


Data Management and Artificial Intelligence

    • Organization and management of machinery information
    • Contextualizing data and information about machinery
    • Use of machine learning and predictive analytics against machinery data
    • Standards
    • Case studies

Diagnostics and Prognostics

    • Identification of defects (diagnostics) and predictions of the need for corrective action (prognostics).
    • Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Diagnostics and Prognostics
    • Prognostic techniques and methods
    • Standards
    • Case studies

Human Performance Monitoring

    • Wearable sensor technologies
    • Fitness and performance monitoring techniques
    • Analytical techniques for analysis of human performance data
    • Human training and skills
    • People and Processes in a reliable organization
    • Standards
    • Case studies

Failure Analysis

    • Failure analysis techniques
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Material analysis (metallurgy, tribology, microscopy, heat treatment, materials processing, etc.)
    • Standards
    • Case Studies

Sensors Technology

    • Wireless sensor technology
    • Mapping of sensor technology to equipment failure modes
    • Energy harvesting
    • Sensor communications
    • Environmental constraints (hazardous classifications, shock and vibration, high temperature, etc.)
    • Vibration, Temperature, Ultrasonic, Motor Current, Oil, Strain, Corrosion, Video, etc.
    • Standards
    • Case Studies

Sensor Signal Analysis

    • Sensory input signal analysis and interpretation
    • Analytical tools, methods, and methodologies for Signal Analysis
    • Mapping of signal analysis results to failure modes of machinery
    • Embedded signal analysis (at the sensor)
    • Standards
    • Case Studies

Lubrication Sensing and Analysis

    • Lubrication (best) practices
    • Lubrication degradation (contamination, viscosity, humidity, additive loss, etc.)
    • Wear particle analysis
    • Sensor advancements
    • Standards
    • Case Studies

Systems Engineering

    • System Design for machinery purpose
    • Reliability Centered Maintenance Planning
    • Systems Engineering relationship to machinery failure prevention technology
    • Standards
    • Case Studies


Abstracts should be 1-3 pages in length. Include as much detail regarding what you intend to present in your final paper.


  • Submitters name and email.
  • All authors name(s), including company name, address, phone, and email addresses.
  • Authors biographies.
  • Presenters name(s). Include contact information if different from author(s).
  • Category of interest from above list.
  • Title of Paper.
  • Abstract.

Submissions may be in word or pdf format, and should be emailed to Carolyn Porter, at