MFPT 2020
Keynote Session and Workshop

MFPT 2020 Keynote

9:00 am Chicago Time:

  • MFPT Chairmanís Address:†MFPT and our Digital World
  • Preston Johnson, Chairman: MFPT, Sr. Solutions Manager Industrial IoT

9:15 am Chicago Time:

  • Keynote: A Machine Learning Perspective Building on 25 Years of Big Data Collection in Vibration
  • Fabrice Brion, Founder and CEO, I-care Group

10:00 am Chicago Time:

  • Selected Session: Signal Processing to Reduce the Effect of Gear Dynamics
  • Eric Bechhoefer, CEO and Chief Engineer, Green Power Monitoring Systems

10:40 am Chicago Time:

  • Distinguished Panel Questions and Answers
  • Moderator: Preston Johnson
  • Panel (Navy, Airforce, Mechanical Solutions, Petrofac, AGH U of Science and Tech)

11:00 am Chicago Time:

  • Best paper awards
  • Closing Remarks


  • On Demand Sessions
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall Sponsor Infomercials

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