Focus Group: Human Systems Monitoring

Chair: Mark Derriso
US Airforce


The mission of the Human Systems Monitoring Focus Group (HSMFG) is to create an international forum where academia, industry and government agencies can gather together to discuss the state of the art in the area of human monitoring systems technologies. Topics of interest includes but not limited to wearable sensor technologies, data acquisition and management architectures, data analytics and assessment methodologies and health, fitness and performance monitoring techniques for industrial and government applications.

Goals and Objectives:

The MFPT HSMFG is a group of professionals working to advance the field of human systems monitoring by collaborating on technical issues and sharing relevant methodologies and approaches from academia, industry, and government to advance the state of the art. The goals and objectives of this group includes the following:

  • Provide guidance and direction in the technical area of human systems monitoring.
  • Assist in requirements generation for the Department of Defense, health care, athletics and other applicable industries for monitoring human performance during operations.
  • Provide Human Systems Monitoring sessions,? papers/presentations, tutorials and guidance at MFPT Annual Conference.


  • Identify new development areas that should be pursued.
  • Contribute relevant articles to the MFPT Newsletter.
  • Pursuing a special issue journal in the area? Human Systems Monitoring?

Membership:To join or participate in the Data Management Focus Group, contact Mark Derriso and you will be added to the email distribution list.