Failure Analysis

Chair: Petro Fac

The Failure Analysis Focus Group (FAFG) shall foster the development, utilization, and enhancement of failure analysis techniques and methodologies. Lessons learned will be conveyed to the MFPT Community, to prevent recurrence of failures, saving precious resources. The FAFG will engage with other MFPT Focus Groups to show why failure analysis is an integral part of the product life cycle.


About the Focus Group:

    • Our network is over 55 members strong.
    • Various backgrounds: failure analysis, failure modes, metallurgy, tribology, optical and electron microscopy, heat treatment, materials processing.
    • Primary mission ? ?problem solving?.
    • Provide MFPT Society with experts in failure analysis and related disciplines.
    • Collaboration with other MFPT Focus Groups.
    • Increase awareness


Current Activities:

    • Web-based problem solving network within the focus group.
    • Provide articles to the MFPT Newsletter, including? Failure Fan-alysis? features.
    • Generate ideas for future conference sessions, as well as solicit papers for upcoming conferences.
    • Promote MFPT activities at other conferences/ meetings.
    • List potential job openings and circulate resumes of members.


Failure Analysis References

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To join or participate in the Data Management Focus Group, contact Mantosh Bhattacharya and you will be added to the email distribution list.