Diagnostics & Prognostics

Chair: Jim Hofmeister
Ridge Top Group


The D&PFG shall provide a forum to foster professional collaboration in the practice and technology of Prognostics and Health Management (PHM). The D&PFG Goals and Objectives shall be consistent with the MFPT Structure and Mission. The D&PFG will provide and entry point for members new to the field of PHM and a forum for experienced professionals to collaborate on the most pressing problems. D&PFG will encourage the use of standards and the application of PHM techniques across multiple domains.

Goals and Objectives:

The MFPT D&PFG is a group of professionals working to advance the field of PHM by collaborating on technical issues and sharing relevant industry information. Some of the D&PFG focus areas are:

  • Mechanical and electronic PHM
  • Prognostic methods and technology
  • PHM Standards
  • PHM case studies


Current Activities:

  • LinkedIn Group supporting online collaboration
  • Regular contributions to the MFPT Newsletter
  • Promote Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) related technical papers for MFPT annual conference


To join or participate in the Data Management Focus Group, contact Jim Hofmeister and you will be added to the email distribution list.