About the Vibration Institute

Our Mission

At the Vibration Institute, our mission is to disseminate practical information on evaluating the behavior and condition of machinery without commercial interest.

The Institute offers a variety of programs, including education, training, certification, and opportunities for technical knowledge exchange. Our members share information, procedures, and cutting-edge data through formal training, networking, meetings, and publications.

If you would like to join our network of esteemed colleagues, improve your skills, and expand your education in the study of machine vibrations, get in touch and get started as a member.

Our History

The Vibration Institute’s commitment to the study of machinery began over four decades ago. Our founder, Michael Blake of Lovejoy, Inc., envisioned an organization where scientists, engineers, and other professionals from a broad cross-section of industries could come together to exchange information about measuring and analyzing machinery vibration.

The Institute has executed its mission statement by providing membership, training, and certification of vibration measurement and analysis personnel according to ISO/ANSI procedures.