Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology

A division of The Vibration Institute

Who We Are

The MFPT Society originated in 1967 under the leadership and sponsorship of the Office of Naval Research as the Mechanical Failures Prevention Group (MFPG). Charter sponsors also included several other naval organizations, the Atomic Energy Commission, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and several industrial organizations.

What We Do

The MFPT was formed primarily to provide a mechanism for effective interchange of technical information among segments of the scientific and engineering communities in order to gain a better understanding of the processes of mechanical failures.

Become A Member

Our members enjoy a number of benefits including focus groups, fault data sets, listing on our website and a discount on exhibiting at our annual conference.

Focus Groups

Each Focus Group meets at least once a year and more often when required. Provisions are made to form new Focus Groups as needed. The Focus Groups assist in organizing the annual meetings and through their volunteer efforts perform tasks related to machinery failure prevention.

Fault Data Sets

The Condition Based Maintenance paradigm can both improve reliability while decreasing the cost of maintenance. This is achieved by reducing unscheduled maintenance events, and once validated, moving from periodic/scheduled maintenance to ?on condition? maintenance. That said, the penetration of CBM into the general market (both commercial and military) is low.

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