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MFPT 2013 Registration - New: Please Read!
Early Bird registration fee ends Monday, 29 Apr 13

Please note that the Registration system has changed slightly from previous years to accommodate various choices that attendees need to make as part of their registration.  In order to proceed, please select below the option that applies to you, or to the individual you are registering:

  • Option A - Payment to Be Made.  If:

    1. You have a registration fee to pay, and/or

    2. You would like to attend the Monday Workshop ($250, see details), and/or

    3. You would like to take part in the Wednesday Evening Social Activity ($50, see details), and/or

    4. You would like to purchase a copy of the Conference Hardbound Proceedings ($40 per copy)

    Then please select Option A:

Option A: Payment to Be Made

  • Option B - No Payment Required.  If:

    • You do not have a registration fee to pay (eg, you are one of the two Exhibitor registrants included in a previously made Exhibitor registration, or you are one of the free Gold or Silver Corporate Member registrants), and

    • You do not wish to take advantage of any of the choices 2, 3, or 4 listed in 'Option A' above

    The please select Option B:

Option B: No Payment Required

NB: You may transfer any registration to anther name - please email or phone (937 256 2285 Ext 2#) Rick Wade to do so

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