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MFPT 2013 Abstract Submission Form
(the 1 October 2012  submission deadline has passed, but please submit your abstract
and we will be happy to consider it)

 Presenting Author Details:                                                                                                 
*First Name:   
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Note: Fields marked with * are required.                                                                             

*Title of Proposed Paper/Presentation:                                                                            



Select 'Yes' if you intend to submit a written paper for inclusion in the proceedings (written papers must be submitted to MFPT HQ by Monday, 4 February 2013, to ensure their inclusion in the hardbound proceedings)


As an alternative, select 'No' if you wish to present you work at MFPT 2013 but do not intend to submit a written paper

 *Suggested Conference Session:                                                                                        



Other, if required:


 Co-Author First and Last Names:                                                                                       
 (Please include
Organization, if different from that of Principal Author)                


 *Abstract: (Please use no more than 500 words)                                                            



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