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Booth F

11500 N. MoPac Expressway
Austin, TX 78759
Contact: Lauren Mireles
Telephone: 512-683-5843
E-mail: lauren.mireles@ni.com
Web Site: www.ni.com/mcm

National Instruments offers sound and vibration hardware and software for a wide range of industrial and product development applications, including predictive maintenance, machine diagnostics, and test cell applications. National Instruments sound and vibration hardware features 24-bit digitizers at sampling rates up to 204.8 kS/s in PXI, PCI, USB and embedded platforms for flexible, accurate measurements. Sound and vibration analysis software, including both interactive, configuration-based software and NI LabVIEW development environment, provides audio measurements, fractional-octave analysis, frequency analysis, transient analysis, and machine vibration order tracking.

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Booth G

200 Canal View Boulevard
Rochester, New York 14623
Contact: Mike Roemer

Telephone: (716) 424-1990

Fax: (716) 272-1177
E-mail: mike.roemer@impact-tek.com
Web Site: www.impact-tek.com


Impact Technologies is a high-tech engineering consulting and machinery health management system development firm that develops sensors, systems, and software that monitor, detect, isolate, predict equipment performance and degradation, and plan optimized maintenance schedules. We provide services to our customer to reduce risk, increase safety, improve readiness, and minimize equipment support costs.


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Booth H

8201 Hermitage Rd
Richmond, VA 23060
Contact: Juli Hamlet
Tel: 804-261-3300
Email: juli@spectraquest.com
Website: www.spectraquest.com

Spectra Quest, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of Turn-key Systems for education/training and research in wind energy, vibration fundamentals, kinematics, dynamics and diagnosis of machines faults, rotor balancing, and shaft/coupling alignment. Each system includes a hands-on device/simulator, data acquisition hardware, sensors, curriculum manuals and interactive software to accelerate learning. We provide a complete infrastructure for enhancing workforce skills in wind turbine operation, machine condition monitoring, industrial maintenance, and reliability. Our flagship Machinery Fault Simulator has been sold in over 45 countries. Spectra Quest also designs and builds custom test rigs and on-line condition monitoring systems with accurate diagnostics capabilities.

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Table 9

5177 Richmond Rd
Houston, TX 77056
Contact: Keith Macaluso
Telephone: (281) 686-0093
E-mail: keithm@kittiwake.com
Web Site: www.kittiwake.com

Kittiwake is the leading global provider of monitoring and testing technology solutions with offices in the UK, Germany, USA, and Asia. As an expert in machinery condition monitoring, fuel and lube oil analysis and water testing, we pride ourselves on our record of investment and commitment to developing our talented workforce to create innovative technology solutions that make a real difference to our customers’ operations.

Kittiwake offers solutions for oil condition monitoring:

  • Sensors for real-time oil monitoring

  • On-site Oil Analysis Test Kits

  • Wear debris analysis equipment; field & laboratory

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Table 1

350 Hochberg Rd
Monroeville , PA 15146
Contact: Jim Nesbitt
Telephone: 724-387-1979
E-mail: jnesbitt@rjlg.com
Web Site: www.rjlg.com

For nearly 30 years, RJ Lee Group, Inc. (RJLG) has excelled at providing analytical services, technical consulting, information management, and expert testimony in materials characterization and forensic engineering. Our services are sought by leading organizations in academia, industry, and government. Clients choose RJLG because of our reputation as an innovative solutions firm that is reliable, ethical, and committed to quality. The end result is outstanding customer satisfaction. RJLG Information and Software Services (RJLG-ISS) specializes in software architecture and development with expertise in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Federated Architectures (FA), Web 2.0 based (XML Web Services) and High Performance Computing (HPC). One of RJLG-ISS flagship product services is swift (web-services integration framework tools). swift provides a fast, low cost, reliable and secure federated data integration solution for an organization by leveraging existing information assets within the enterprise while eliminating the need for costly point-to-point system integration efforts and high infrastructure costs.

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Table 8

4633 Old Ironsides Dr., Suite 100
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Contact: Darren Fraser
Telephone: 408 986 8880
Fax: 408-834-7818
E-Mail: dfraser@go-ci.com
Web Site: www.go-ci.com

Crystal Instruments (CI) is a leading worldwide supplier of dynamic measurement systems and software for machine monitoring, vibration detection, and acoustic testing. Backed by over 30 years of engineering expertise, CI’s products are used for machine diagnosis, design verification, product testing, and process improvement by manufacturers of all types of electronic and mechanical products. Emphasizing an intuitive interface and customizable signal analysis, Crystal Instruments builds both portable, CoCo-80/90, and high channel count, Spider-80, signal analyzers without compromising performance or quality. In an unyielding attempt to consistently improve the market, Crystal Instruments has, this year, introduced the Spider-81, the first 4th generation vibration controller.

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Booth A

3425 Walden Ave
Depew, NY 14043
Telephone: (800) 959-4464
Fax: (716) 684-3823
E-mail: imi@pcb.com
Web Site: www.imi-sensors.com

IMI Sensors is a global leader in the manufacture of low-cost industrial accelerometers for machinery condition monitoring and predictive maintenance requirements. General purpose, precision, low frequency, high frequency, seismic, and multiaxis applications are supported with an extensive product offering including piezoelectric accelerometers, velocity sensors, 4-20 mA vibration transmitters, switches, relays, cables, displays and accessories. IMI's industrial accelerometers are relied on throughout the world to help optimize machinery performance and to keep expensive maintenance and downtime to a minimum. IMI serves a wide range of industries with demanding requirements for precision industrial monitoring and measurement of critical machinery. Intrinsically safe, virtually all of our products are certified for use in hazardous areas through ATEX and CSA.

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Table 2

Leonardo's Place
PO Box 2407
Grand Rapids, MI 49501
Telephone: (616) 475-0059
E-mail: Daaliya@itothen.com
Web Site: www.itothen.com

Description to follow

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Table 10


11 Apollo Drive
Whippany, NJ 07981
Contact: Bill Marscher
Telephone: (973) 326-9920 Ext 111
Fax: (973) 326-9919
E-mail: wdm@mechsol.com

Web Site: www.mechsol.com

Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) is an engineering R&D, design, and testing firm that performs services worldwide on behalf of power plants, refineries, machinery OEM's, and the U.S. Government (DoD, NASA, DOE). Services include turbomachinery design, CFD, FEA, rotordynamic analysis, troubleshooting of machinery in the field, performance testing, vibration testing, experimental modal analysis, and determining comprehensive operating deflection shapes (ODS). Nonlinear stress analysis and forensic analysis of failed machines and systems is also a capability, using MSI's 24 processor 64-bit 288 GB RAM computer cluster.

MSI is a developer of advanced Predictive Maintenance systems for rotating machinery and fluid systems, including diagnostic/ prognostic software as well as blade tip NSMS sensor systems.

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Table 4

1741 Technology Drive, Suite 260
San Jose, CA, 95110
Contact: Bourke MacDonald
Telephone: (408) 437-0100
E-mail: sales@dataphysics.com
Web Site: www.dataphysics.com

Data Physics Corporation is a worldwide supplier of complete vibration test and measurement solutions with products designed for high performance. SignalCalc analyzers are powered by the Quattro and Abacus DSPcentric hardware platforms, each capable of realtime measurement and analysis and offer a broad range of measurements for rotating machinery diagnostics, structural and shock testing, modal analysis, acoustics and testing for quality control. SignalCalc Turbo is the latest offering from Data Physics, optimized for testing of turbo machinery. SignalStar vibration controllers offer comprehensive single and multi shaker testing for Random, Sine, Resonance Search and Dwell, Classical Shock, Transient, SRS, Mixed Mode, and Time Data Replication environments and SignalForce vibration test systems offer best in class shakers, power amplifiers, slip tables, head expanders & fixtures for environmental test, environmental stress screening and modal excitation.

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Booth E


20511 Seneca Meadows Parkway

Germantown, MD 20876

Telephone: 1-800-WILCOXON

Web Site: www.wilcoxon.com

Meggitt Sensing Systems is the maker of Wilcoxon Research accelerometers, vibration sensors, and accessories for industrial CBM applications. Our sensors are essential to predictive maintenance programs that save money, reduce downtime, and improve safety in plants. For 50 years, we have been manufacturing vibration instrumentation with TLC—Total Lower Cost of Ownership. When you factor in our world-class service and support, over 98% on time delivery, industry-leading product quality and reliability, and competitive pricing, you will see how using Wilcoxon Research sensors affects your bottom line. Meggitt offers a large selection of Wilcoxon Research sensors and accessories. Top exit, side exit, integral cable, explosion proof housings and intrinsically safe vibration sensors are available. Whatever your application, our wide array of sensors is designed for reliable measurements in even the harshest plant environment. The quality of Wilcoxon Research sensors is the standard by which all other vibration sensors are measured.

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Booth B

2839 Paces Ferry Rd
Overlook II, Suite 1160
Atlanta, GA 30339
Contact: Ash Thakker
Telephone: 770 803 3001
Fax: 770 234 4148
E-mail: athakker@globaltechinc.com
Web Site: www.globaltechinc.com

GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY CONNECTION. Inc. (GTC) based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA has 13 years of history in design, development and commercialization of innovative technology products and services in the area of Predictive Maintenance; Modeling and Simulation; Advanced Materials and Failure Prevention/Analysis. These innovative products can substantially reduce the maintenance costs, increase uptime (availability) and improve safety in a variety of equipment and machinery such as HVAC, pumps, batteries, generators, power turbines, trucks etc. GTC also partners with OEMs to make technology tools that can be embedded into the original equipment.

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Table 3

PO Box 6147
San Hose, CA 95150-6147
Telephone: (408) 987-3400
Fax: (408) 987-3402
E-mail: findout@datastick.com
Web Site: www.datastick.com

Affordable full-featured handheld vibration analyzers. Datastick is known for the easiest to learn and use, full-featured one-channel vibration analyzers available. Uses standard off-the-shelf ICP® accelerometers, velocity sensors, and displacement sensors. Excepionally low noise floor and sub-hertz frequency analysis. Excel-based desktop software for easy sharing. Route creation software option. Models for triggered impact test for resonant frequencies. Accuracy greater than some costing several times as much. Can use ISO alarms or set your own. Route creation and advanced analytical software tools available. Online demo available. 408-987-3400 / 888 277-5153.

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Table 5

MRG Labs - Grease Thief
2101 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 22
York, PA 17404
Contact: Rich Wurzbach
Tel: 717-843-8884
Fax: 425-696-8725
E-mail: rwurzbach@mrgcorp.com
Web: www.mrgcorp.com and www.greasethief.com

MRG Labs in York, Pennsylvania, has developed technology for obtaining representative samples of grease from many equipment types, in accordance with new ASTM Standard Practice D7718. The Grease Thief is presented in three different sampling kits, customized for sampling challenges such as pillow block bearings, electric motors, enclosed gearboxes and motor operated valves, robots and wind turbines, to name a few. The 1-gram sample size can then be presented for streamlined analysis of Wear, Consistency, Contamination, and Oxidation. MRG Labs will demonstrate these sampling methods and analysis techniques in a workshop on Wednesday afternoon in Cape Lookout room at MFPT, conducted by Rich Wurzbach.

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